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People from all over the world come every year to Campania to experience its vast cultural heritage, because it has been such an important part of the growth of Italy for thousands of years, with its history, monuments, and customs.

Whatever corner of the world you come from, you can be sure that pieces of your cultural roots are here!

Starting from the archaeological side of Campania, Naples offers priceless collections in its Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the most important archaeological museum in Italy, preserving, for example, the Egyptian collection with mummies and mummy-cases, Magna Graecia and Pompeian collections.

 If you are interested in 'royal histories'' come to Palazzo Reale in Naples, built as residence for the King of Spain with its ancient rooms, marvellously decorated and embellished with paintings, statues, hangings and antique furnishings, or visit with us Reggia di Caserta, a majestic rectangular building surrounded by a park with gardens, fountains, waterfalls and sculptures, made especially for King Charles of Bourbon.

The peculiarity of our region is that almost everywhere you can find a curious mix of antiquity and modernity, like the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina, M.A.D.R.E, hosted inside the historical palace Donnaregina, transformed in a space destined to be a structure of international excellence for  contemporary art, or the Pan, Palazzo delle Arti, an amazing venue for exhibitions of modern art.

Every type of 'cultural wish' will be granted, just trust us, we are sure that you will soon become a 'Campania art addict'!