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Do your forefathers hail from Campania? Have you ever wanted to tour the land of your ancestors? You may have heard your grandparents telling you stories about the 'old country” and what their life was like, and maybe you have always wondered what it would be like to visit those places and experience a bit of what their life was like. If so then we can help you with our personally tailored tours where you can retrace the steps of your of your ancestors through the streets of Campania, other the villages and country side of Italy.

Our knowledgeable guides will help take you on a journey to the places that are important to your family history and with their knowledge of local history will help you understand how they lived and give an insight into what might have motivated them to make their epic journey from their home to make a new life thousands of miles away in a foreign land where they didn't even speak the language.

If you give us you family name and the names of towns and villages where they originated from, we can then do all the research for you and send you a proposal for a customised tour that will take you on an emotional journey through your family history. Please contact us if you want to find out more.