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As all sea lovers know, the sea retains its charm even in winter. What better time to enjoy the unique and unexplored corners of the coastline, free of the thousands of tourists and bathers that you will find in the summer months.

The wonders of Campania can be enjoyed all year round. The sun shines 250 days a year and the arrival of winter brings delights from the chestnut harvest to the wine festival. You really mustn’t miss the festivals and events dedicated to gastronomy to taste delicious food, typical of our region. In many areas the processions and religious celebrations are beautiful and many visitors take the opportunity to immerse themselves in the customs of Campania’s significant and ancient culture.

The arrival of the holiday season brings with it with the lights that decorate the streets of Naples and Salerno, that warm the heart and feed your soul, not to mention the amazingly detailed and artistic nativity scenes on display in and around San Gregorio Armeno where you can witness one of the world’s most a unique spectacles.