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Music & Folklore

'Che bella cosa na jurnat e sole'...who has never heard this refrain, sung by in a melodious voice! Here you can find out the quintessential heart of the South: prepare your ears to be delighted by traditional Neapolitan music! 

Interpretations of the most well-known songs from classical Neapolitan repertoire, a host of Italian and international songs could be performed only for you and for your group of friends in your private villa, or during a romantic tête-à-tête!

Furthermore, if you want to take part in one of the most significant Italian festivals, you can do it in the wonderful Ravello, where Campania musical culture is celebrated every year from march to october. During this festival events range from orchestral concerts and chamber music to ballet: performances by top Italian and international musicians are world class, and the main venues are unforgettable.

In the evocative Capri you can have the chance to get in touch with the essential ingredient of the spectacular renditions of the traditional folk music: a myriad of vibrant colours and ornate costumes, a flurry of dancers, musicians and singers will transmit you a highly contagious sense of happiness. Have you ever known about tarantella or triccaballacchi and putipù? Well, here an intoxicating mixture of entertainment, culture and music will lift your spirit high!