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Markets, Shopping districts & Handicraft

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Naples is without doubt the beating heart for shoppers in Campania. Let's talk about the traditions and history that are not limited to what is displayed in the shop window. Each famous original Neapolitan store, represents more than a hundred years of history, with traditions that have been handed down the generations.

Visit the most famous shops like "Marinella" and Rubinacci where you can buy ties and bespoke suits. Shopping in Naples is a memorable experience for its high quality garments and entertaining way you can haggle with the traders, who are gifted and tough negotiators, so be prepared to stand your ground.

For summer fashion lovers, you must stop on the Amalfi Coast to discover the legendary "Positano seaside fashion" with its unique and exclusive clothing range. For the less demanding don’t miss the markets and bottheghe in the historic centre of Naples where you will find everything at affordable prices and not to mention the experience itself is a lot of fun. Furthermore Campania is renowned globally for its Artistic handicraft industry, which is noted for its creative vitality.

With a tradition and history going back hundreds of years spawning unique artefacts sought by collectors from all over the world. As part of the service we can offer you, we can arrange for you to have an appointment with a tailor to get a suit measured or a visit to the factory to choose your preferred products direct from the people who make them.

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